Sweet P’s Downtown Dive Buildout

When Chris Ford and Jonathan Ford approached us about making the tables for the new Sweet P's BBQ downtown location,  we were excited about the opportunity. We knew we would have to get creative, and come up with some tables and booths that would fit with the unique and eclectic style of the current Sweet P's yet set it apart and make it stand out

Sweet P’s Downtown Dive Buildout2015-05-20T03:23:19+00:00

Scott Family Bunk Bed

A few month ago a couple childhood friends of mine called about needing a new bed for their family.  There are five children in the family, four of those being boys.  We all sat down to discuss and looked at some inspiration photos of what they wanted.  From there we custom designed and built the bed to fit the needs and size of the space

Scott Family Bunk Bed2014-12-18T23:00:04+00:00
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