When Chris Ford and Jonathan Ford approached us about making the tables for the new Sweet P’s BBQ downtown location,  we were excited about the opportunity.
We knew we would have to get creative, and come up with some tables and booths that would fit with the unique and eclectic style of the current Sweet P’s yet set it apart and make it stand out to the downtown crowd. After tossing around some ideas with the owners we came up the idea to make them from multiple species and apply a natural clear coat to let the natural wood color show through. The tables turned out great and looked wonderful against the reclaimed church pews we cut down to create all the booth seating. We then surrounded the booths with a combination of hardwood and some hot rolled steel panels to finish off the booth area.
Thanks so much to the guys at Sweet P’s for allowing us to work on their new restaurant! We had an awesome time building the tables and the booths. If you haven’t been to Sweet P’s new location yet I suggest you do it now! It’s a hot spot to hang out and grab a beer, and the food is obviously as amazing as it has always been.  Come and see for yourself!